It looks like I'm missing hours, what should I do?

In order to check the hours that you've worked, you can review your worklog at any time.

Please note that the hours on your worklog are displayed in the time zone of the location you've selected in your Work for Impact profile. However, you will pay for the week based on the UTC zone, so it's normal for the hours you are paid for to not match what you see on your work log or Time Tracking App exactly.

Please also note that the week a time entry will be paid out depends on when the time entry ended. If it ended on Sunday in the UTC zone, it will be paid out with the week that Sunday belongs to. If it ended on Monday in the UTC zone, it will be paid out with the week that Monday belongs to.

In addition, please consider that payouts are not processed until 10 days after the week has ended as part of our payout schedule.

If you have reviewed your hours and considered all of the above, you still believe that you are missing hours, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team, and we'll be happy to investigate this further.