Why does my Worklog, Time Tracker & Payout Summary show different hours?

Work For Impact works in the UTC zone. The differences you might find on your worklog and payout summaries are originated from the different time zones - the platform's time zone and the time zone of your location or the one you use to register your work.

The payments for hourly contracts are transferred weekly, and the weeks are counted from Monday to Sunday. That means that every Sunday at 11:59 pm UTC, a week ends, and a new week begins.

If you are working during that transition, the entire time entry will be allocated to the new week.
This leads to differences in the number of hours you see registered in your worklog, time tracker and payout summaries.

Please note that your time tracker only accumulates the hours registered with the time tracking app, not the ones you register manually. You can check the total (automatic + manually registered hours) in your worklog.

Don't worry! All your hours are registered and will be paid! If you need clarifications or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@workforimpact.com