How do I review the hours I've worked in my worklog?

To review the hours you've worked for an hourly contract, you'll need to visit the Worklog for that job. Start by logging in to your Work for Impact account and clicking on the "My Jobs" page. You'll be automatically taken to your active jobs and should click on the job you'd like to review.

My Active Jobs-1

Please note that you can also check your work log for jobs that have ended by clicking the "Completed Jobs" tab on the "My Jobs" page in order to navigate to a completed contract.

On this page, you'll see the current week of your work log load at the bottom of the screen (in the example shown below, there are no hours recorded for the current week).

If you'd like to navigate through previous weeks, you may do so using the navigation arrows (circled in yellow in the below example). You can also click on the Week #: button in the middle to navigate through different weeks.

Work log

When reviewing a week with time entries, you'll see a summary of the time you worked, the amount you earned that week, and the amount you've earned in total for the contract at the top of the Worklog. You'll also see information about each time entry listed below.

When using the Work for Impact Time Tracking App, checkpoints will occur at random 6 times per hour, on average. At each checkpoint, a screenshot will be taken and saved in your Worklog.

Work log - screenshots

Clicking each screenshot thumbnail will allow you to open the larger version of the screenshot. Clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of any time entry will display a timestamp for each checkpoint.

When tracking time on a contract using the Work for Impact Time Tracking App, your client for that contract will also have access to any screenshots that were taken for hours billed to them.

If you need to have a screenshot removed and are happy to forfeit the billable time associated with that checkpoint, it is possible to delete screenshots for the current week.