How do I review and delete screenshots taken by the Time Tracking App?

When using the Work for Impact Time Tracking App, Checkpoints will occur at random six times per hour, on average. At each checkpoint, a screenshot will be taken and saved in your Worklog.

As your client can access these screenshots, there may be times that you would like to remove a screenshot from your worklog, for example, if you were briefly taking care of a personal matter while also working on a contract.

To remove a screenshot, you must remove the checkpoint from when the screenshot was taken.
Please note that by removing the checkpoint, you will no longer be paid for the time associated with that checkpoint.

Please note that you may only remove Checkpoints for the current week.

It is not possible to remove Checkpoints from weeks that have passed because your client has already paid for this work. 

To remove a Checkpoint, you'll first need to access the worklog for that contract

From the worklog, use the dropdown arrow on the time entry that includes the checkpoint that must be deleted. This will expand the time entry to show you the timestamps and screenshots for every checkpoint that occurred during that time entry.

Clicking each screenshot thumbnail will open the larger version of the screenshot. Once you have identified the screenshot you would like to delete, click the red trash can icon on the right of that checkpoint to remove both the checkpoint and the screenshot(s) associated with it.

Once a Checkpoint has been removed, you will no longer be paid for the time associated with that checkpoint, and your client will no longer be able to access the screenshot(s) associated with that checkpoint.

Be careful to ensure that you click the correct red trash can icon.

If you click the red trash can icon beside the time entry rather than beside the checkpoint, then the entire time entry will be removed, and you will no longer be paid for that time entry.