What is the Work for Impact Time Tracking App?

The Work for Impact Time Tracking App allows you to conveniently and accurately record the time you've worked on a contract so that you don't need to enter the time you've worked manually - instead, time entries for each period of work you've recorded using the Time Tracking App will be automatically added to your Worklog for the contract you were working on.

Whilst using the Time Tracking App, screenshots will be taken periodically and saved to the Worklog for the contract you were working on - these screenshots will then be visible to both you and your client through the Worklog page.

If you need to delete a screenshot you may do so through the Worklog page, however, please note that this will automatically remove any working time associated with that screenshot and you will no longer be paid for that removed time.

Click here to find out more about deleting screenshots.

In addition to having the time you've worked automatically recorded, using the Time Tracking App may allow you to qualify for payment protection in the event of a dispute.

In the unlikely event that a client wishes to dispute the work you've completed during a time entry that's been recorded using the Time Tracking App then a review will be conducted. The Time Tracking App offers you a way to demonstrate that, during your billed hours, you were working on contractual tasks agreed with the client - this evidence is very important during a dispute review.

Unless otherwise agreed with your client, please note that all time worked must be recorded using the Work for Impact Time Tracking App.

Click here to download the Work for Impact Time Tracking App, click here to know how to install it and click here to learn how to use it.