How do I download & install the Time Tracking App?

The Work for Impact Time Tracking App should be used to record your working hours on all hourly contracts - you can find out more about the Time Tracking App in this article.

To start using the Time Tracking App, you'll need to download and install it on your device.

Please navigate to this page to visit the download page and select from the Windows, Mac OSX or Linux download options, depending on the device you're using to complete your work.

How do I download

Once you've clicked on your operating system, an executable installation file will download and save to your internet browser's default downloads folder.

Double click this executable file to run the installation.


Please note that on some Windows devices, the installation file may not be recognized which may prompt a warning before the installation proceeds.

To proceed with the installation, click "more info" and then "Run anyway".

Once the installation is running, the Time Tracker will be installed on your device and the Time Tracking App will open automatically once the installation is complete.

To find out how to use the Time Tracking App once installed, please feel free to continue to this article.