When will I get paid?

To protect both clients and independent contractors, and in line with requirements set by our payment processors, there is a review period between the date that a client pays for your hours and the date that your earnings are sent to your payout method.

This review period provides both clients and independent contractors with an opportunity to review your worklog before charges are processed, it allows time for a dispute to be raised if necessary, and it ensures that client payments have been processed successfully.

Hourly Contracts

For hourly contracts, you'll be paid every Wednesday. The payout schedule for hourly contracts works like this:

Payout Schedule Hourly

Payouts for Work for Impact contracts are processed weekly in line with the following payout schedule:

Week 1: You work Monday to Sunday, tracking your hours using the Work for Impact Time Tracking App

Week 2: Tuesday, your client is charged, and the payment starts going through a review process

Week 3: Wednesday, your client's payment has now completed the review process, and payment is sent to your payout method

So, for example:

Week 1: You work and track your hours from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th

Week 2: We charge your client for your hours on Tuesday 9th

Week 3: We send your payout to your payout method on Wednesday 17th

Fixed Price Contracts

Fixed Price Contracts are either paid when the entire project is completed, or partial payouts are processed once each milestone is completed if a project has been broken down into more than one milestone.

Prior to you starting to work on a milestone, your client must fund the milestone by allowing us to charge their card for the milestone (or for the full contract if it does not have more than one milestone). 

Once a milestone is funded, you may begin work on that milestone. 

Once you feel you have completed the milestone in line with the description of the task and your discussions with your client, you may submit your work and request that the milestone is reviewed by your client.

Once your client approves the milestone, your earnings for that milestone (or for the full contract if it does not have more than one milestone) are automatically sent to your payout method, provided at least one week has passed since the milestone was funded.

If a milestone is completed and approved less than a week after it was funded, your payout is automatically processed one week after the milestone was funded.


Clients are able to issue bonuses on both Hourly and Fixed Price Contracts.

Your client is charged immediately when they send the bonus, and one week later, a payout will be processed to your payout method for that bonus.

Payout Clearing Time

Please note that once the payout is sent to your payout method, it may take up to a further 3 to 5 business days to be visible and available to withdraw from your payout method (often, it's faster than this, but the exact clearing time depends on your bank and payout method).

Please also be aware that bank holidays in the US, Hong Kong, and your payout country may not be considered business days and may, therefore, not be counted as part of this 3 to 5 business-day clearing time.

Service Fees

A standard 12% service fee is applied to payments for independent contractors and is reduced to 7% after earning $10,000 from the same client. Click here to learn all about the service fees.

Clients may opt to pay these service fees on behalf of the contractors.