How Payments Work for Clients

When you post your jobs, the platform offers two job options: per-hour and Fixed-Price jobs. Each option has a specific payment process to ensure smooth and transparent transactions.

We've outlined all the essential details for each option below to ensure you're well-informed about how payments work.

Please note that only hourly-paid projects benefit from the Payment Protection.

1. Per-hour Projects Payment Process

Week Duration and Time Zone

The weeks on Work for Impact are from Monday to Sunday (UTC zone). It's important to keep this time zone in mind when scheduling tasks and reviewing your independent contractor's progress.

1.1 How do your independent contractors register their worked hours:

  • Time Tracking App - For accurate and transparent billing, your independent contractor will be required to use the Work for Impact Time Tracking App to record their working hours on all hourly contracts.

    The app not only registers the worked hours but also takes random screenshots of the independent contractor's screen. These screenshots are accessible to you, allowing you to verify the work progress and ensure that your project is being handled efficiently.

  • Manual Time Entry (Optional) - You can allow your independent contractors to enter their hours manually. In this case, there won't be any screenshots associated, as the time entry won't be registered automatically as the contractor works. These manual time entries will also be billed to your account.

1.2 Automatic Payment Processing:

Every Sunday at 11:59 PM (UTC), the week ends, and the independent contractor won't be able to register more hours for that week.

Every Tuesday, we automatically charge the payment method associated with your account for the hours your independent contractor worked during the previous week. You will also receive a notification via email regarding this charge.

2. Fixed Price Projects Payment Process

2.1 Milestones:

Fixed-price jobs can be structured with one or more milestones. You have the option to set a single payment (one milestone) or divide the project into several milestones based on project phases or other criteria.

  • Funding the Milestone:
    Before the independent contractor begins working on a milestone, you need to fund it by authorising us to charge your card for the specific milestone amount.

    Please note that the first milestone is automatically funded when you send the job offer through the platform. Subsequent milestones, however, must be created and funded manually. This gives you better financial control and a chance to review the work before proceeding to the next phase.

Check here to learn how to create, fund and approve milestones.

  • Milestone Completion and Review:
    When the independent contractor completes a milestone, they will submit their work for your review. You will be notified when this happens.

    After reviewing the work, you can approve the milestone, which will release the payment to your contractor.

2.1 Recurring Payments:

With Recurring Payments, you can set a fixed amount that will automatically charged to your card on the time interval you set (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).

Recurring Payments eliminate the need to create, fund and approve milestones and streamline the process for you and your independent contractors.

Check here how Recurring Payments work.


You can check here the payout schedule for independent contractors regarding hourly and fixed-price projects.


You can issue bonuses on both hourly and fixed-price contracts.

As soon as you issue a bonus, your payment method will be charged immediately. After the review/security period (one week), the bonus amount will be automatically sent to your independent contractor's chosen payout method. 

Service Fees

As a client, you have two options:

- Pay only the client fee: a 5% service fee on top of all payments to independent contractors, regardless of the job type (Per Hour or Fixed Price). 

- Pay for your independent contractors' fee: a 10% platform fee plus a 5% service fee.

Your fees help us make an impact! 🙌🏼

We believe that what we do should benefit everyone, not just ourselves. With each project you complete with us, you help us make a tangible change in the world.

Thanks to you, we make Pathways available to more and more people.