How does payment protection work, as a client?

Work For Impact implemented a payment protection program for per-hour projects to further our goal of providing a safe environment for both Clients and Independent Contractors.

Only hourly paid projects with time entries registered using the Time Tracking App are covered by payment protection.

Per-hour payment protection ensures that the Client only pays for the actual time used by the independent contractor to complete their project. For Clients, this means they can review the Time Entries and dispute them if they feel that the time tracked was not used as expected or used for other tasks unrelated to their project. 

The hours recorded in the worklog using the Time Tracker App will be automatically included in the next billing statement if the Client fails to file a dispute. If you need to file a dispute, please contact us at success@workforimpact, and we'll help you with the process.

Hours that are manually added are not covered by per-hour payment protection.