How do I check the work my independent contractor has been doing?

On a per-hour job, you can view your independent contractor's work in progress through the Worklog. Independent contractors with per-hour jobs are advised to use the Time Tracking App. The App periodically takes screenshots and saves them in the Worklog of the contract you have with them.

To review your independent contractor's work, log in to your account and follow these steps:

  • Go to My Jobs - Active Jobs
  • Search the contract of the independent contractor you wish to review on the Active Jobs page
  • Click on the contract to view the Contract page
  • Go to the Worklog & Spending tab

Reviewing the Worklog

When you access the Worklog & Spending tab, it will default to the current week. If you need to review a previous week, you can click on the left arrow to navigate to that week. Use the left or right arrow to toggle between weeks.

Time entries will be listed on this page as well. Time entries are the summary of checkpoints, which are individual screenshots randomly taken by the Time Tracking App. On average, checkpoints occur at random times every 5 minutes and are saved in the Worklog.

Check this article to know how you can review the screenshots in detail.

Should you identify an issue with the time entry or checkpoint, you may dispute the said entries. To file a dispute, please reach out to us at

The Time Tracking App is not needed on fixed-price jobs. For this type of contract, you divide the Independent Contractor's tasks into smaller Milestones and advise them to submit them regularly so you can track their progress. However, it is essential to keep communications open with your independent contractor, especially for fixed-price jobs.


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