What are the differences between Per-Hour and Fixed Price Jobs for Clients?

Work For Impact offers two types of job payment options for Clients. The type of job is set at the time of posting the job on the platform. Clients can set the jobs as either Per-hour or Fixed Price

Per-Hour Job

Per-hour jobs pay the hours worked by the independent contractor according to the hours recorded in their Worklog that is within the agreed weekly limit.

Per-hour jobs require that independent contractors use the Time Tracking App to keep track of their work hours. However, approved manual time added in the Worklog is also billed to the Client (when sending the job offer, the Client has the option to allow or not allow the independent contractor to register worked hours manually. Only the hours registered using the Time Tracking App are covered by per-hour payment protection).

Per-hour jobs are billed on a weekly basis, every Tuesday, following the work week. Clients can review the Worklog and file a dispute on entries with issues or not related to the Client's project.

For information on how to file a dispute, please visit this page

Fixed Price Job

Fixed-price jobs are paid by milestone or completed work based on the contracted price, as agreed by the Client and the Independent Contractor.

A fixed-price job can have one or more milestones - the Client has the option to set one payment (= one milestone) or divide the project into several milestones (for example, one milestone per week, per month, per project phase, ...).

When sending the job offer to the Independent Contractor, the Client can set the milestone value, the beginning date and the deadline - the independent contractor should deliver the agreed work for the milestone by the due date.

The Client has to fund the milestone prior to starting the contract. The Client has to approve the milestone to release the funds to the independent contractor after reviewing and approving the work submitted by their independent contractor.

The Client can also set recurring payments — a fixed value that will be paid to the independent contractor at a specific interval of time. Click here to learn all about Recurring Payments.