My independent contractor isn't responding. What should I do?

If your independent contractor suddenly stops communicating and attempts to re-engage them via our messaging system didn't help, please reach out to us at to share more details about the issue.

Make sure to check that the independent contractor is still working on your project. If you feel that they have also stopped working, please take the necessary steps to protect yourself by ending the contract. Check this article to learn all about ending a contract.

If you have a per-hour job, check any tracked hours that will be billed to you for the current week. If you see tracked hours but no work was done, please dispute the hours accordingly before you are charged. Please contact our support to file a dispute.

Please remember that only conversations held within our platform can be used as evidence in a dispute. Work For Impact cannot access or use external communication to help users in these situations.

To learn more about sharing personal information or using contacts outside the platform, please check this article:

When can I offer someone my contact details or a website URL?