How do I access the jobs I've posted and review proposals?

To return to your open job posts, go to the "My Jobs" section of your account and click "Job Postings":

A list of all your open jobs will appear - to see more information about a specific job post, click the name of the job post. After clicking a job post, you'll be automatically taken to a list of the proposals you've received.

Each proposal will provide you with more information about the freelancer, their expertise, the rate they've proposed if you click the "Show more" button you'll be able to see a full copy of their proposal:

There are also three options above each proposal:

The envelope icon can be used to message an applicant - this is the best way to ask questions, gather more information, negotiate terms or arrange an interview with an applicant.

The 'Send Offer' button will allow you to send a freelancer a job offer once you've decide you'd like to hire them.

The heart icon will allow you to add favourite an applicant - this is really helpful for being able to find your favourite applicants quickly if you receive a lot of interest.

To access your favorites, scroll to the top of the page to find options to filter to Pending, Favourites, Declined or Hired applicants: