What fees am I charged when getting paid through Payoneer?

We're pleased to offer Payoneer as a payout method.

Work for Impact will always issue your payouts in USD, and the amount sent will always be the amount you have earned (in line with the contract terms you have agreed with your client) minus our independent contractor fee. If you have connected a Payoneer account to your Work for Impact account as your payout method, your payouts (less our independent contractor fee) will be credited to your Payoneer balance.

In order to provide you with their services, Payoneer may deduct their own fees from your Payoneer balance.

Payoneer fees may apply for any withdrawals you make from your Payoneer account. Additionally, a currency conversion fee may be applied by Payoneer if you choose to withdraw from your balance in any currency other than USD. For a comprehensive overview of the current fees applied by Payoneer, please visit their fee information page.

For your convenience, Payoneer also offers a MasterCard option that allows you to make withdrawals and purchases directly from your Payoneer balance.

If you choose to request a Payoneer MasterCard, please note that additional fees may apply for card activation or using ATMs. A monthly card account maintenance fee also applies to Payoneer accounts that have chosen to request a MasterCard. You can click here for more information about the fees that apply to accounts with a Payoneer MasterCard.

For more information or assistance related to a Payoneer account, we would recommend visiting the Payoneer Support Center.