What are verified independent contractors?

If an independent contractor has a "Verified" badge on their profile, it means they have passed our identity verification process. This process ensures that any independent contractors who are on our platform are who they claim to be in their profiles.

Our Identity Verification Process

Work for Impact utilizes a sophisticated identity verification process for our independent contractors, provided by our partner SumSub. The technology was created by verification experts and uses machine learning and face-based biometrics for the highest level of accuracy.

The process is as follows:

  • Government ID Check: Users will be required to scan and submit a valid piece of government ID to prove it is authentic and valid. The information contained in a user’s ID will also be checked against a database of known scam artists.
  • Liveness Check: Users will then be asked to take a photo of themselves in order to perform a liveness check.
  • Identity Check: Using a combination of face-based biometrics and liveness detection, we are able to match the ID to the photo and determine whether it is indeed the same person.

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