Why do we verify our users' identities? (KYC)

Work for Impact verifies the identities of all its users to ensure both clients and independent contractors can enjoy a safe working environment.
KYC is an acronym for "Know Your Customer" - it represents the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients to prevent money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud, and terrorist funding. This process involves verifying your identity and address using government-issued documents (identity card or passport).

Our ID verification process is quick, easy, secure and compliant with all international legal requirements regarding security and data privacy.

Why We Verify Our Clients

Identity verification helps us ensure that any individual or organisation that joins our platform as a client meets our strict requirements.

But it's not just our standards that need to be upheld. Independent contractors who join Work for Impact want to know that they are working for legitimate organisations. By verifying our clients' information, independent contractors can be confident that any individual or organisation they interact with on our platform lives up to those standards.

Why We Verify Our Independent Contractors

We also encourage our independent contractors to verify their identities. This process helps keep Work for Impact safe by identifying fraudulent individuals who may otherwise have looked to take advantage of legitimate users.

Freelance platforms that don't verify their independent contractors expose themselves to scammers and bad actors who aren't who they claim to be. These people steal jobs from qualified independent contractors and dilute their value.

When a large number of independent contractors fail to meet expectations, it hurts the earning potential of everyone. Organisations become more reluctant to hire independent contractors and aren't willing to pay as much for their services.

By verifying all of our independent contractors, we're able to remove anyone who might hurt the reputation of our workforce. This ensures that Work for Impact is a place where qualified independent contractors can thrive.