How do I search for jobs on Work for Impact?

Searching for jobs on Work for Impact is quick and easy. By using our intuitive job search feature you'll be able to find a wide range of meaningful work opportunities that are suited to your skills.

How to search for jobs

  1. Log into your Work for Impact account.
  2. Click the "Search Jobs" button in the top left corner of the freelancer menu.
  3. Once you arrive at the Search Jobs page you'll be able to enter search terms into the search field. For the best results, enter terms related to the type of job you're looking for such as "software developer," "graphic designer," or "content writer."
  4. Use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow your search.

Setting search filters

  1. Select the "Matches My Skills" filter to only search for jobs that match your skills.
  2. Select the "Matches My Location" filter to only search for jobs from clients who are looking for freelancers in your area.
  3. Select the "Minimum Client Rating" to indicate the minimum rating you're willing to accept for a potential client.
  4. Use the "Client Locations" filter to select the countries you'd like your potential clients to be located in.
  5. Use the "Impact Areas" filter to select the causes you'd like your jobs to be associated with.
  6. Use the "Organization Type" filter to select whether you'd like to work for an individual or an organization.
  7. Use the "Job Category" filter to select the types of jobs you'd like to search for.
  8. Use the "Freelancer Level" filter to select the level of experience you'd like your potential clients to be looking for.
  9. Select either "Per-Hour Job" or "Fixed-Price Jobs" to indicate which payment structure you prefer.
  10. Click "Search" to perform your search.

Review search results

  1. Review the results to find jobs that interest you. Each result includes the name of the job, the type of contract the job will be, the duration of the project, the level of experience the client is looking for, and a short job description.
  2. Click the "Show More" button to view the complete job description and submit a proposal for the job.