How do I remove time entries from my worklog?

Sometimes you may wish to remove time entries from a worklog, for example, if you tracked hours on the incorrect contract. 

Please note that you may only remove time entries for the current week.

It is not possible to remove time from weeks that have passed because this work has already been paid for by your client.

To remove a time entry, first, you'll need to access the worklog for that contract

From the worklog, you can click the red bin icon to remove a time entry. Please note that the bin icon on the left of the time entry will remove the entire time entry.


If you only want to remove part of the time entry, use the dropdown arrow to remove individual Checkpoints instead:




Removing checkpoints or time entries will also delete any screenshots associated with that billable time - these screenshots can no longer be accessed by your client.

Remember, removed time is not billable time, so you will not be paid for any checkpoints or time entries that you remove.