Getting paid to a bank account through Stripe

If you are from a Stripe-supported country, your payments will be transferred to the bank account you define as your payout method. 

To set up your Stripe:

1 - Please go to your Billings tab, where you can set up your Finance Account Details. (Your country and currency will be automatically filled in according to the location you defined on your Profile).

Click on the "Create & Verify Now" blue button, and you'll be redirected to our payments partner, Stripe, where you can fill in the needed information.


2 - After setting up these details, you can go to your Payout methods and set up your bank account. Click on "Add Default Payout Method" to insert the details of your account.

After completing the two steps above, your Finance Account Details status will change to "Complete", which means your bank account was successfully set up and is ready to receive your well-earned payments.


You can also check the article on how do I verify my financial information for a step-by-step guide on setting up Stripe.


If you need to change the country that appears by default on your Finance Account Details, please get in touch with us at