Why would I use Work for Impact instead of paying independent contractors directly?

Work for Impact provides individuals and organisations with a number of benefits when working with independent contractors:

Access to a Global Pool of Talented, Verified Independent Contractors

When you post your job on Work for Impact, it will be seen by talented independent contractors around the world. This allows you to quickly find and hire the best person for the job. All of our independent contractors are encouraged to verify both their identity and skills, so you'll have the option of choosing independent contractors whom our team has already vetted. 

Work with independent contractors Who Are Passionate About Making a Difference

Our independent contractors aren't just looking for jobs. They're interested in working for mission-driven organisations, just like yours.

Safe and Secure Payments

Work for Impact offers payment protection services. By ensuring your independent contractors use our Time Tracker app, you can be confident that you're only paying for hours worked.