What type of independent contractors are available to hire through Work for Impact?

Work for Impact welcomes any independent contractor looking to be involved in meaningful projects to create an independent contractor account with us.

To ensure a high standard in our talent offer,  we have a review/vetting process in place that filters the independent contractors' accounts, and we approve only the ones we feel can offer quality.

The experience level of independent contractors using Work for Impact varies significantly. We have some independent contractors who are just starting and looking to offer great rates in exchange for developing their experience in their chosen field. In contrast, we have others that are PhD level experts who have spent their entire lives becoming an authority in their area of expertise.

The wide range of experience available through Work for Impact allows clients to hire based on the priorities of their organisation, whether that's hiring enthusiastic independent contractors with less experience to support a tighter budget or whether that's only working with independent contractors who are among the best in their field if cost is less of a restriction.

In terms of the skills and talents you can expect to see among our independent contractors, this also varies significantly. Work for Impact is proud to be home to Virtual Assistants & Customer Support Professionals, Graphic Designers, Engineers & Product Managers, all the way through to Associate Professors, Sustainability Advisors and Climate Experts, among many, many other areas of expertise.

The best way to find out more about the type of independent contractors we have available to hire would be to visit our search page, and then use keywords and filters that best suit your hiring needs to narrow the search down to our most relevant independent contractors.