What should I include in my profile title and description?

Your profile is your opportunity to advertise your skills and services to potential Clients on the platform. A well-written profile gives you credibility and establishes your trustworthiness and professionalism.

Successful independent contractors have profiles that are complete, accurate, updated and well put together because this significantly increases the discovery of their profile by prospective Clients.

Aside from your picture, the Title and Description are the first sections that the Client sees when reviewing your profile. These sections should have the right information to grab their attention.


Your Profile Title

Profile Titles are short sentences or snappy one-liners that summarise your career, experience and/or skills. The purpose of your Profile Title is to make a first impression, catch the client's attention, and make them look into the rest of your profile and qualifications. Make sure to include some key skills, achievements or years of experience.


Example of Profile Titles:

  • Administrative Assistant with 2+ years of experience in Real Estate.
  • Experience Project Manager and Consultant
  • Web Developer and Designer proficient with HTML, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop


Your Profile Description:

A profile Description is typically in paragraph format that highlights your current situation, skills and experience. It provides further details of your qualification or presents your ‘Title’ in a more detailed manner.

Make your text visually appealing and easy to read - you can make paragraphs, use bullet points, highlight specific words or sentences in bold, etc.

Please remember you cannot include any links to external websites/profiles or your direct contact information in your profile or any other public pages on the site.