What kind of payment protection do you offer?

Work for Impact is committed to providing a safe environment for both clients and independent contractors. To further this goal, we've implemented several payment protection policies that are beneficial to everyone on our platform.

Hourly Contracts

Independent contractors on an hourly contract are encouraged to use our Time Tracking app. This application takes periodic screenshots and measures keystrokes while the independent contractor is working to allow the client to see what was completed during the time that was logged.

Clients have the ability to dispute time logs if they feel the time was not used as expected. Conversely, if a client refuses to pay an independent contractor despite valid time logs being submitted, Work for Impact will cover the costs of the work.

Independent contractors can log time manually if this possibility is allowed by their client/contract. However, manually registered hours are not covered under our payment protection programme. Clients may reject any manual hours that are logged if they so choose.

Fixed-Price Contracts

While payment protection services aren't offered for fixed-price contracts, we do have rules in place to help minimize the risk to independent contractors. Any fixed-price contract over $500 will be required to be split into at least two milestones. This limits the potential loss incurred by an independent contractor.

We encourage independent contractors to break fixed-price contracts into as many milestones as possible and advise that any one milestone should not be more money than an independent contractor is willing to lose.