What is Work for Impact?

Work for Impact is an independent contractor platform designed specifically for socially and environmentally responsible and nonprofit organisations. We offer businesses access to a talented workforce and provide exciting paid work opportunities to independent contractors.

By connecting these organisations with skilled individuals, we aim to bring life to meaningful projects that positively impact our world.

The Evolving Workforce

The way people are working is changing. Thanks to technology, geography is no longer a barrier that determines with whom you can and can’t work. As a result, over a third of the world’s workforce is now freelancing, and this number is continually growing.

The opportunities for today’s workforce are endless, and more and more people are taking advantage of the new gig economy in order to pursue their interests and find projects they’re passionate about around the globe.

Social and Environmental Awareness is on the Rise

More than ever before, organisations are considering their effect on the world as a whole and are looking for ways to make a difference. Companies are adopting social and environmental programs, and nonprofits promoting a wide range of amazing causes are on the rise.

Never have there been more projects aimed at changing the world for the better. But these initiatives need the right people in order to reach their full potential.

Bringing it All Together

Trends don’t lie. Today’s workers aren’t just looking to get paid; they’re looking for work with a purpose. They want to cause an IMPACT.

Combine this with a growing and talented independent contractors' base, and you have a workforce that is able and eager to get involved in all kinds of positive initiatives.

Work for Impact is designed to connect this workforce with impactful organisations. We believe that by pairing the right people with the right project, we can start fostering positive change throughout the world.

And we never forget to give back to the community! And our Pathways program is just one example of that! 

Remember, when we all work together, anything is possible! 🙌