What are the expectations for clients?

Work for Impact aims to promote a positive work environment. To achieve that goal, we ask that all of the clients on our platform adhere to the following expectations when working with independent contractors:

  • Provide clear requirements: Before a project can begin, the client must provide the independent contractor with all the tasks that need to be completed, along with any deadlines attached to the project.
  • Be responsive: Clients should respond to all questions asked by their independent contractors on time to ensure projects can be completed on schedule.
  • Give helpful and detailed feedback: If a task isn't completed exactly how the client intended, they should give detailed feedback to help the independent contractor deliver the desired result. Clients should be specific about what needs to be corrected and how it needs to be changed.
  • Pay for work completed: Once a project has been completed, the client must approve the necessary payments promptly. All payments must be made through Work for Impact.
  • Leave honest feedback: After a job has been completed and paid for, clients should leave an honest review of their experience to inform the independent contractor and any clients who may wish to work with them in the future.

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