I submitted a proposal but haven't heard anything. What should I do?

Once a proposal has been submitted for a job, it is received by the hiring client along with any other proposals they've received. If a client decides, based on your profile and proposal, that they'd like to discuss the opportunity with you further and potentially offer you an interview or the position, they will reach out to you through the Work for Impact messaging feature.

If a client decides they do not wish to pursue your proposal further, I'm sorry to say that they are not required to notify you as the applicant.

Once a position is no longer hiring (either because the client has decided not to hire or they have hired another independent contractor), the job will disappear from being accessible through our job search.

If this happens without the client contacting you, this means that the client did not accept your proposal, and we would recommend moving on to looking at other available opportunities.

While the position is still visible through the job search, this means the hiring client is still considering the proposals they've received, and they may still reach out to you directly via the platform's messaging feature  to discuss your proposal further. If the position is still visible and the hiring client has not yet reached out to you, this means there is no update at this time.