I have a charge from Work for Impact I don't recognize, what should I do?

When you notice a charge from Work For Impact in your statement of account that you don’t recognize, please take the time to confirm that this is an unauthorized charge.


Is it indeed a Work For Impact charge?

  • Login to your Work For Impact account and compare the charges in your statement against the transaction in your Billing & History
  • Work For Impact charges will show up in your statement as “Work For Impact Ltd.”


Is there anyone else who could have initiated the transaction?

  • Did you share your credit card with another person?
  • Do you have an associated credit card provided to another person who could have initiated the transaction?


It is not a Work For Impact charge!

Protect yourself by immediately contacting your bank to report the fraudulent transaction.

If you think your account has been compromised, quickly change your account passwords.

Report the transaction to us as well by contacting our Support team at: support@workforimpact.com. Please included relevant information about the transaction(s) such as:

  • Credit card
      • Last 4 digits of the card
      • Reference number of the transaction
      • Date of the charge
      • Amount (note the specific currency charged)