How does Work for Impact attract reliable, quality independent contractors?

Work for Impact takes several steps to ensure that the independent contractors on our site are skilled and suitably qualified candidates for the jobs posted on the platform:

Identity Verification

All of our independent contractors are encouraged to verify their identity. Clients can have peace of mind that the people they've hired are who they say they are when working with verified independent contractors.

Skill Verification

We recommend that all independent contractors verify their skills on our platform. By choosing independent contractors with verified skills, clients can feel confident that they're working with qualified, credible individuals.

Targeted Marketing

Work for Impact is invested in targeting quality independent contractors for our platform. While we look for independent contractors with exceptional skills, we also aim to attract mission-driven individuals committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Accounts Review

Work For Impact reviews all the independent contractors' accounts created to ensure they meet the standards we want to offer our clients. Only the accounts that have the quality we deem necessary are approved and are available on our independent contractors' search.