How do Recurring Payments work for Independent Contractors?

Our platform aims to facilitate long-term projects and ongoing collaborations with freelancers by streamlining the payment process. We understand the importance of consistency and financial security for both clients and independent contractors (ICs).  

For long-term contracts, manually submitting milestones and waiting for the client to approve them can become repetitive and time-consuming. To save time and ensure consistency in payments, we're introducing a new feature called Recurring Payments. This feature provides ICs with more financial security and predictability.

This option is available for fixed-price contracts. Your client can set an amount, frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and start date for automatic recurring payments.

Recurring Payments will ensure you receive the same amount on the same day, as agreed with your client.

On the My Jobs - Active Jobs page: Fixed contracts, you'll find the "Recurring  Payments" tab that allows you to check your recurring payments:

With Recurring Payments, our platform is committed to streamlining payment processes for long-term projects and collaborations. By automating payments and ensuring consistency, we aim to provide both clients and ICs with a more efficient and reliable experience.


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