How can I save and find independent contractors I've saved or worked with previously?

Saved independent contractors

If you haven't worked with an independent contractor before, but you'd like to save their profile because you plan to invite them to a job in the future, you can click the heart icon, next to the independent contractor's name when you are on the Find Talent page: 

          Save IC

You can also click the heart icon, available when you open an independent contractor's profile to see it in detail:

          Save IC 1


Please note that these 'Save/Add to Favourites' options will only appear when logged in to a client account.


You can access the independent contractors you've saved, for example, to invite them to apply for a job you've posted, by clicking 'Find talent' and then 'Saved independent contractors':

             Saved ICs

Independent contractors with whom you've worked

If you've worked with an independent contractor in the past (or present), it's not necessary to save their profile because you will find them automatically listed in the "My independent contractors" section of your account.

             My ICs