How are you making jobs more accessible?

Work For Impact's dedication to social, economic, and societal impact is an integral part of Work For Impact's long-term strategy. We believe that the future of work doesn't require traditional education, a conventional career path, or even physical presence at an employer's location. What matters most are the skills and experiences to perform a role.

Through Work For Impact's Job Marketplace and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we strive to help individuals worldwide take on sustainable employment challenges by leveraging the power of technology and impact-driven people.

The Work For Impact Independent Contractor Marketplace

Our marketplace is an independent contractor platform designed specifically for socially and environmentally responsible, and nonprofit organizations. We offer businesses access to a talented workforce and provide exciting paid work opportunities to independent contractors.

We make jobs more accessible by allowing Clients and Independent Contractors to join the platform for FREE! They can enjoy the basic site features without paying a cent! Both users are provided with monthly free impacts, which they can use to access different site features. Clients use impacts to post jobs and invite independent contractors, and independent contractors use impacts to submit proposals.

Ready to make an impact? Register for a FREE Client account here and an Independent Contractor account here.

The Pathways Program

The Pathways Program is Work For Impact's CSR program on sustainable youth employment. It helps shift the old traditional education/conventional career path paradigms into new ones. Pathways aims to improve the long-term employability of young people by equipping them with job-ready skills. With these skills, these young people will have better chances of landing decent work and finding sustainable employment. 

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