Diverse talent

Work for Impact celebrates diversity! We work towards an inclusive world and want to ensure that our independent contractors' profiles proudly showcase that! 

You, too, can make sure you have a diverse workforce collaborating on your projects - our independent contractors' profiles have two new badges: Diverse Talent and Pathways:

When you search for independent contractors, you will also be able to use these inclusivity filters:

What is Diverse Talent? Groups that are typically discriminated against or from underrepresented social or cultural backgrounds:

Gender-diverse people (e.g. gender non-conforming, transgender, non-binary)
LGBTQ+ people
People with disabilities
People of marginalized ethnic and racial identities
People from low-income backgrounds

What is Pathways? The Pathways program is a Work for Impact project that provides free education to young people from low-income countries. 
Click here to learn all about the Pathways program.