ATS - How to use the Recruitment Workflow

You can manage your hiring process easily with the Recruitment Workflow.

  • To start, go to 'My Jobs' > 'Job Postings' and pick the job you want.
  • You'll see two options on the left: "Classical view" and "Workflow view."
  • Choose "Workflow view" to check proposals based on your workflow.
    • On the right, use the "Stages" filter to see the stages you set up in your workflow and filter proposals by stage. This helps when you want to focus on a specific stage or see how candidates are doing at different stages.
    • Click the three dots next to each applicant's name to change their stage in the process.
    • Do this for every applicant to keep your hiring process moving smoothly.
      Remember, once you set a stage, you can't go back to a previous one.
    • Use the "Stages" filters on the right to see where each candidate is. This will tell you immediately where you stand with each applicant and what to do next.
    • In the 'Workflow View,' you can add comments to each candidate, summarizing your thoughts on their applications and profiles. These comments are a place for your notes, making it clear as you go through the hiring process.
    • Keep updating candidate stages and progress as you talk to them using our messaging feature. This ensures that your workflow is always up-to-date and shows the current status of each candidate so you can make smart decisions.

Once you finish assessing and updating the Recruitment Workflow, you'll have candidates who made it to the final stage of your hiring journey, and you'll be ready to send the chosen applicants the job offer.