I've failed a skill test. What can I do?

Freelancers who fail a skill test will have one more attempt to pass the test. Freelancers who fail a test twice will have to wait a week before taking it again. To avoid failing we recommend only taking a test once you are confident you have all the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to pass.

I failed a test because the test was unfair, a technical issue occurred, or the answers were incorrect

If you feel there was an issue with any of our skill tests that prevented you from passing please contact us immediately so we can investigate the issue. We’re committed to creating tests that are fair and accurate, and we’re open to any feedback you have to offer.

I failed a test because my score did not meet the required threshold

If you fail one of our skill verification tests you'll have the opportunity to take it one more time. If you fail a second time you will have to wait one week before you can take the test again.

Please note that freelancers can't see the score they received or the mark they need to pass. We are unable to advise you on your score or which answers you got right or wrong as this may compromise the integrity of the test.

I failed a test for another reason

In addition to not meeting the score threshold, you will also fail a test if you click out of the test before it's completed or you leave your seat during the test (we utilize facial scanning technology to prevent this from happening). If you fail a test for one of these reasons you can take the test one more time. If you fail again you will have to wait one week before attempting it again.