How do you post a job on Work for Impact?

Posting a new job on Work for Impact is a quick and easy process. Simply follow the steps below to submit your project and start receiving proposals from qualified freelancers:

  1. Select "Post a Job" from the main menu.
  2. You can choose to post a new job, or you can re-post a previous job.
  3. Create a title for your job. Include the type of freelancer you're looking for and the primary task you need completed.
  4. Write a description for your job. This is where you can expand on your project and discuss the various tasks that need to be completed, expected timelines, examples of similar projects, and any other relevant information. Please do not include any links to external websites/profiles or your contact information.
  5. Select a category for your job. This is the general type of work you're looking for.
  6. Select an expertise for your job. This is the specific area of work your job will focus on.
  7. Select the skills that are required for your job. Only freelancers who have passed the skills assessments for all the skills you've listed will be able to submit a proposal for your project.
  8. You can choose to upload files to give potential freelancers a better idea of the type of work you're looking for.
  9. Once you've completed the above steps, click "Continue."
  10. Select a per-hour or fixed-price contract for your job. Per-hour contracts are better for long-term projects, while fixed-price contracts are ideal for smaller, one-time tasks.
  11. Select your desired freelancer skill level. If you're looking for more affordable freelancers, choose "Beginner," or "Intermediate." If you're looking for the best freelancers and aren't concerned about price, choose "Expert."
  12. Select the approximate length of your project.
  13. Choose whether you want your job to be visible to all freelancers or hidden. If your job is hidden it won't show up in the search results but you'll be able to invite specific freelancers to view it and submit a proposal.
  14. Once you've completed the above steps, click "Continue."
  15. If you wish, you can indicate the minimum freelancer rating you're willing to accept for your job.
  16. You can also require freelancers to be located in specific countries. Or you can indicate any countries that you're not willing to accept freelancers from.
  17. Select your desired English proficiency level.
  18. You can choose to add additional questions that freelancers must answer when submitting a proposal. This is a great way to learn more about their skills and determine whether they're a good fit for your job.
  19. Once you've filled in all of the required information, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form to submit your job post.
  20. After you've submitted your job post you'll have the opportunity to boost it. Boosting your job will allow it to be seen by more freelancers and will help generate more proposals.
  21. Before your job is posted you'll have a chance to preview your post. Review it to make sure all the information is correct.
  22. Click the pencil icons to edit your title and description.
  23. Click the back button to return to previous pages and edit other parts of your post.
  24. Once you're happy with your job post, click "Post Job" to post it.

Inviting Clients to Apply for Your Job

Once your job is posted you can click on "Freelancers" at the top of the page to search for freelancers that meet your criteria. If you find someone you're interested in working with you can invite them to send a proposal for your job.

Click here to learn how to search for freelancers.