How do I verify skills with skill tests?

To maintain the integrity of the verified skill status, freelancers must either pass a test to prove their skill (where available), or they must submit suitable evidence of academic achievement or substantial professional experience that support each specific skill for our team to review.

The purpose of skill verification is to highlight freelancer's that are qualified to consistently demonstrate a skill to a professional standard.

For some skills, the verification test includes an automated and timed test that walks you through a series of questions related to your skill. In order to be verified, you must meet the minimum score requirements within the allotted time. The minimum score requirement, and a freelancer's performance on a test, will not be known to freelancers to help prevent exploitation.

If you don't pass the test on your first attempt you can take the test one more time. If you don't meet the requirements on your second attempt you will have to wait one (1) week before taking the test again.

To verify your Skills with Skills Test follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your account and go to “My Profile
  • Scroll down and find the Skills section, click the “Verify” button

  • The “Verify Skills” popup window will appear and list all unverified Skills you have in your profile. Skills listed in the Skills Verification section are Skills you can verify with a Skill Test.

  • Click on the corresponding button for the Skill that you wish to verify to start the automated test.

  • Another popup will show that explains how the Skills Tests work. Click the “Begin Test” button to start and complete the test.

  • You will be redirected to the Test Page that has the details about the Test such as the # of Sections, # of Quest and Allotted Time.

    You have the option to do a Practice Test and when you feel ready to take the actual test, just click on the “Start Test” button.