How do I search for freelancers on Work for Impact?

Once you sign up as a client on Work for Impact you can search our large pool of freelancers in order to find skilled individuals that meet your criteria. If you find someone you're interested in working with you can also invite them to apply for one of your jobs.

How to search for freelancers

  1. Click "Freelancers" at the top of the screen.
  2. Type your search terms into the search field. Try searching for various skills and expertises to help you find the right freelancer.
  3. Use the filters on the right side of the screen to narrow your search. You can select job categories or skills you're looking for, or specify what locations you'd like your freelancers to be from and your preferred level of English. You can also select a minimum freelancer rating and a range for the rate you're willing to pay.

  4. When you're happy with your search filters, click "Search." If you'd like to reset the filters you can click "Clear Filters."
  5. Review your results to find freelancers you're interested in. You can click on a freelancer's name or image to view their profile.
  6. If you'd like to invite a freelancer to one of your jobs, click "Invite" either on the search results page or in the freelancer's profile.
  7. Choose the job you'd like to invite them to and include a message along with the invite. When you're ready to send the invite click "Send."
  8. You can also click "Save" to file the freelancer under your Saved Freelancers so you can review their profile at a later date.