How do I edit my freelancer profile?

Before you begin sending out proposals, we recommend you customize your profile to let potential clients know your skills, qualifications, and interests.

Follow the steps below to complete your profile:

  1. Customize Your Background: Add a custom background to your profile to give it some personal flair.
  2. Upload a Profile Photo: It's important to add a face to the name and let clients see whom they're dealing with. Upload a photo clearly showing your face - keep it friendly and professional!
  3. Write your Bio: Describe your background, including your education, work history, and any other information organizations should know. Please do not include any links to external websites/profiles or your contact information.
  4. Edit Your Availability: Let clients know your preferred rate and how many hours per week to work.
  5. Add Skills: Show off your skills to potential clients.
  6. Edit Your Languages: Display any languages you're able to speak, and how fluent you are with them.
  7. Add Employment and Education History: Let potential clients know about your work history and education. Check this article on how to add items to your Employment & Education.
  8. Upload Portfolio Items: Upload samples of your previous work and display them on your profile. Please check out our article on how to update your portfolio for further assistance with this.
  9. Share Impact and Personal Goals: Let your clients know your goals and what you hope to achieve on this platform and in your career. Impact goals tell clients how you want to make a positive difference while personal goals are any other goals you might have for yourself.
    Check this article about the Impact and Personal Goals.