How do I edit my client profile?

Before you begin posting jobs on Work for Impact we recommend you customize your profile to let potential freelancers know what you and/or your organization is all about.

Follow the steps below to complete your profile:

  1. Upload a Profile Photo: It's important to add a face or an organizational logo so freelancers can see who they're dealing with. If you're uploading a photo of yourself, make sure it clearly shows your face and that your photo is friendly and professional.
  2. Edit Your Profile Content: Click the pencil icon to edit your bio, tell freelancers how you're making an impact, and choose impact areas. Please do not include any links to external websites/profiles or your contact information.
  3. Write Your Bio: Describe your background, or your organization's history. You can include information on how you got started, the type of work you do, your mission statement, and anything else freelancers should know.
  4. Let Freelancers Know How You're Making an Impact: Work for Impact is all about making a positive difference around the world. This is your chance to let freelancers know how the work you're doing makes an impact.
  5. Choose Your Impact Areas: Select your causes or the areas of society and the environment that you want to help.
  6. Click "Save" when you're done to publish your content.