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Work For Impact’s dedication to social, economic and societal impact is an integral part of Work For Impact’s long-term strategy. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we strive to help communities around the world take on sustainable employment challenges by leveraging the power of technology and impact-driven people.

CSR Strategy

CSR Framework

Our CSR strategy is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is set to achieve holistic impact across three levels:

Social Impact:

To help enhance people’s long-term employability regardless of their background or education

Economic Impact:

To enable participation in the future of work  by building community programs that reduce the skill and opportunity gap

Societal Impact:

To drive global workforce inclusion by creating access to decent job opportunities without geographical and societal barriers

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CSR Framework
CSR Framework

The future of work doesn’t require traditional education, a conventional career path, or even physical presence at an employer’s location. What matters most are the skills and experiences to perform a role.

That’s why this CSR program on sustainable youth employment helps shift the old paradigm into the new. The goal of Pathways is to improve the long-term employability of young people regardless of their background or education. Our first cohort will launch in Hong Kong and Nepal. As we improve and grow the program over time, we intend to expand to new geographies in following cohorts.

Thank you for your interest! Please note that the application period for the Pathways Program 2021 Hong Kong & Nepal has now closed. All partners and applicants will receive a notice on the status of their application before 15 March 2021.

Economic impact goal

Economic impact goal

To reduce the unemployment rate under youths e.g. young professionals aged 18 - 30 years.

Social impact goal

Social impact goal

To improve the long-term employability of underprivileged young people by focusing on building job-ready skills.

Societal impact goal

Societal impact goal

UN SDG #8 Decent work and economic growth: To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Our Sponsor Partners

Beyond the Orphanage


Anyone can become a Sponsor Partner, whether you're an individual who wants to do some good in this world or if you're a company who wants to do giveback. If you choose to do so, know that you'd make a life-changing impact on the individual lives of our participants. These are the options:

I have time to invest: Individually mentor or train one or more participants (only 6 hours in total per participant, spread over 3 months).

I have means to contribute: one-off financial sponsorship for the Google Professional Certificate (300 USD per participant).

I have open entry-level IT vacancies: Consider successful Pathways participants of your choosing by inviting them to apply for suitable open (remote) job opportunities.

Want to join Pathways as a participant?

Apply now for Pathways to get job-ready with certified IT training by Google, professional interview training and job search support in a part-time six months program, at no cost to you.


No previous experience required: In this certified professional training, you’ll prepare for an entry-level job in IT support through an innovative curriculum.

Developed and backed by Google: This Professional Certificate is a first-of its kind program, based on a part-time commitment of 6 hours per week.

Completely online:There’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. Access everything anytime via the web or your mobile device.


We welcome all young people to apply regardless of sex, disability, race or religion. No prior IT experience needed. Applicants must be between 18 to 30 years old, have legal residence in one of the respective roll-out countries, and possess a minimum English proficiency level (to ensure you’ll understand all the program materials).